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A selection of EVSTART enabled buildings across Canada.

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Canada’s Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP)

EVStart can help you apply to get up to 50% of the installation costs covered.

EVStart’s EV charging platform is designed to be easy to use, so your EV drivers can get the services they need and you can focus on your core business. Whether the drivers you serve are residents, tenants, employees, or the general public, we’ve got an easy way for them to charge.

The below Driver’s Guide is an easy way to find solutions and tips to streamline your EV Charging process!

The Road Ahead

Driven by your residents.

Canadians are driving the popularity of EV. But accelerating sales also means increased pressure on multi-family building owners, developers and condominium corporations to provide reliable, personal EV charging stations.


Nearly three-quarters of all zero-emissions vehicles sold in Canada last year were battery electric vehicles.1


More than 13,000 EV chargers are located at 6,016 public stations as part of Canada’s growing EV charging network.2


Canadian roads will be populated by more than 13 million EVs by 2030.3

Solutions & Service

Partner with a tech leader.

Now is the time to get your buildings future-ready and residents charged up smoothly and seamlessly.


Design optimal solution for short-and long-term needs based on available capacity and demand for charging stations.


Supply and install chargers, panels, comm units, submeters and all other attendant infrastructure.

Management Servicing:

24/7/365 Monitoring, Reporting & Load Management Services. Optional maintenance and repair of EV chargers.

Submetering & Billing:

EV Metering: Integrated measure, bill, and remit with Wyse. Pay-as-you-go: Payment solutions for shared parking.

Charging as a Service (CaaS):

Capital cost financing options including fully covered management services costs.


A Better Way Forward

Stand out with EVStart.

In the often-crowded EV charging marketplace, it can be difficult to determine what solution will work best for you. We pride ourselves on standing out from the competition in four simple ways.

We Know Power

No electrical challenge is too complex for our electrification team. We boast industry-leading knowhow on how power supply works for your building today and tomorrow.

Partnership Strength

The Wyse-Elexicon partnership teams up two energy solutions leaders, giving you access to the best tech at the lowest cost.

Tailored to Your needs

Our building-specific solutions offer you exactly what you need—no unnecessary hardware/software bundles, no hidden costs, and a simple, on-time cost recovery for every kWh used.

Long-Term Horizon

We will help you find an optimal solution taking into consideration the EV charging demand of today and tomorrow. We deliver more than EV chargers—we deliver a plan.

We have installed EVStart chargers across Canada.

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Make The Numbers Work

Discover Charging as a Service.

EVStart offers various financing options to provide maximum budget flexibility, including a popular Charging as a Service package that ensures peace of mind for future budget certainty.

  • No upfront cost.
  • Includes hardware and all-inclusive service and warranty.
  • One simple monthly fee.

Discover how EVStart helped K Square Condos in Scarborough adapt to a surge in resident demand for EV chargers

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Streamlined Approach

Tap into incentive expertise.

It is time to think seriously about exploring available government funding by partnering with EVStart now. We can help you understand regulations within your province/municipality, as well as navigate applicable government incentive programs. Our experts are always on hand to advise you in your application or apply on your behalf.

Interested in learning about EV Charger incentives? Contact us now!

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EV Charger

Optimize and Save

Deploy next-gen solutions and save thousands.

Whether you’ve got lots of spare power and want a simple charger, or you want the latest and greatest technology in line with complex capacity requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Our smart systems are designed to maximize efficiency and save you money.

System efficiency allows you to expand your EV infrastructure and offer more chargers for residents without further taxing the building infrastructure.

EVStart provides network and communication connections, including wireless and cellular connections that we monitor to save you thousands in labour and conduit costs.

Wyse Meter Solutions And Elexicon Group

Every step of the way.

Once you opt for EVStart, we take the wheel, making the process seamless and simple for your team.

Let’s Get Started

Drop us your contact details and we’ll do the rest.


Site visit/drawings review to confirm deployment requirements


Agree on customized optimal infrastructure solution


EVStart provides proposal to address all key areas


EVStart manages entire installation process


EVStart commences billing and maintenance services

Tailored solutions for your needs.

EVStart will help you design a solution that is most applicable for your building and business model.

Building Owners

We support you with flexible options including no up-front cost installation options, and offer you customized and manageable solutions for retrofitting older buildings.


We provide comprehensive EV charging solutions that we install and maintain so you can sell EV-ready parking spot.


We help condo boards and property managers understand demand for EV solutions among their residents. We provide flexible options around cost and timing to meet their needs.

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Are you eligible for Canada’s Zero Emissions Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP)? Find out now!

Charging Coast to Coast

Over 3 months this summer, the EVSTART team visited 40+ locations across Canada to showcase the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs), offer new insights on EV charging infrastructure and provide greater awareness of Canada’s 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan.

The 2022 Charging Coast to Coast initiative is complete. Please feel free to browse this page to understand the elements of the program that were delivered.